Deputy Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Abdul Salaam Hanafi said that there are five million Afghan drug addicts among them over one million Afghan minors and women.

In his meeting with a delegation from International Rescue Committee (IRC) on Wednesday, March 9 Hanafi asked the Committee to closely assess the situation of Afghan women affected by war.

The meeting was conducted in the office of the Prime Minister (ARG).

A spokesperson of the IEA Inamullah Samangani in a press release said, if the International Community assists the Afghan farmers in providing their alternative, the IEA is committed to making efforts in uprooting narcotics across Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, the head of IRC in Afghanistan Vicki Aken said that delivering health services to deprived areas is a priority of the IRC and a suggestion has been made to the de facto authorities in this regard.

Further, Deputy Director of the committee Zahra Wardak said, the committee is interested in not only working for Afghan women and children but also for the financial self-sufficiency of Afghan women.