Head of Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Services Commission Nader Naderi said 260 civilian facilities have been demolished which has left 13 million Afghan people out of civil services.

Nader Naderi in a news conference on Thursday said that buildings were destroyed in 28 provinces.

Head of ARCSC said 50 thousand civil services employees were left out of a job and a total of 112 projects stalled due to ongoing conflict between the Taliban and the Afghan government.

Naderi too expressed concern over new laws imposed by the Taliban after they toppled districts over the country. As per Naderi, new laws include women not being allowed to go out of home without relatives and men not being allowed to work for the government.

The Taliban have not commented on the issue yet.

Nader Naderi who is also a member of the Afghan government negotiating team in Doha said the Taliban demands the release of the remaining seven thousand prisoners in return for a three-month armistice. He added that the release of five thousand Taliban detainees not only made the security situation better but rather deteriorated it.

An Afghan delegation led by the head of High Peace Council Abdullah Abdullah visit Doha on Friday 16th July.