At least eleven Taliban militants were killed or wounded after attacking an army outpost in Kandahar province which sparked clash with the Afghan armed forces.

According to 205th Atal Corps officials, the Taliban militants launched the attack early on Thursday morning in Mya Neshin district with an aim to capture the outpost and kill its occupants.

“The 1st Brigade, 205th Corps Soldiers engaged in a fire-fight with the Taliban to attempt to deter them from moving any closer to the checkpoint. The checkpoint commander called his mortar team to fire their mortars at the Taliban which caused them to retreat from the checkpoint. The 205th Corps then moved to the position where the Taliban had engaged them from and discovered they had killed 7 Taliban and wounded an additional 4 insurgents during the course of the fight,” the officials said.

“Our training proved critical during this clash with the Taliban,” said the 205th Corps checkpoint commander. “We have had a very busy winter with operations against the Taliban so we feel we have gotten a lot better at defending ourselves.”

The 205th Corps has spent time over the last few weeks training on accuracy and precision with their mortar teams as the spring fighting season approaches.

“We would love a ceasefire and see peace soon, but until then, we still have to be prepared to defend ourselves and our citizens so they do not have to be afraid,” said the 205th Corps spokesperson.


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