October 15, 2018

Taliban militants kills 3 border guards of Turkmenistan

By Ghanizada - Thu Feb 27 2014, 4:50 pm

Taliban execute kidnapped Pakistan security personnelAt least three border guards of neighboring Turkmenistan were killed following an attack by Taliban militants, local officials in Badghis province said.

The officials further added that the incident took place on Wednesday night in Moqor district of Badghis province.

Provincial governor spokesman, Mirwais Mirzakwal confirming the report said the Turkmenistan border guards were shot dead by Taliban militants while they were patrolling on the bordering regions between the two countries.

Mr. Mirzakwal further added that the attack was carried out by Taliban commanders Mullah Abdullah and Ahmad along with their fighters.

He said the Taliban militants initially entered the Turkmenistan territory and opened fire on their border guards, leaving three of them dead.

Turkmenistan consulate officials in western Afghanistan have confirmed the report.

Taliban militants group has not commented regarding the incident so far.

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  1. Not good! If Taliban is up there, that means Afghan Army is not doing a good enough job and there will be no way investors will be able to successfully find and produce oil up there. That means another $12 billion in contracts that cannot be fulfilled.

    Investors will only invest upon knowing a location is safe to work in. For a country dependent on security in order to develop its natural resources, one would think Hamid Karzai would do all he could do to bring security and stability to his country. And it has been shown that the Taliban does not want peace, nor has any rules of engagement when they killed 21 Afghan Army soldiers in cold blood in their sleep this past weekend. It must be getting harder and harder to justify making peace with his “brothers” when they do such terrible things to his “people”. It’s clear to me that anyone on Karzai’s side is on the enemy’s side. How about you?

    This development is also one more example of why candidates may not travel to rural areas to campaign. In reality what did Hamid Karzai do? Where did he travel? Did he travel to unsafe locations to campaign? I don’t think any candidate should go anywhere it is not safe.

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