March 15, 2018

Taliban militants and their local leaders suffer heavy casualties in Zabul operations

By Khaama Press - Tue Oct 10 2017, 7:16 pm

The Taliban insurgents and their local leaders suffered heavy casualties during the operations in southern Zabul province of Afghanistan.

The Ministry of Defense (MoD) said the operations were conducted in Shahjoi and Mizan districts of the province.

A statement by MoD said at least 23 Taliban militants were killed and 28 others were wounded during the operations.

The statement further added that the deputy shadow district chief of the group for Mizan Hayatullah Mujahid, Taliban’s shadow military chief for Mizan Sediq Agha, and three of their commanders were among those killed.

At least three vehicles, eight motorcycles, and some weapons together with the ammunition and explosives were also destroyed.

According to MoD, the militants suffered the casualties in the past 24 hours during the counter-terrorism operations conducted in various provinces.

The ministry further added that a total of seventy militants were killed during the operations and fifty two others were wounded.

The anti-government armed militant groups have not commented regarding the report so far.

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  1. The pakistanis leaders /Army are very unscrupulous in bargaining while taking action against terrorists emanating from Pakistan soil.. India has given ample evidences to Pak authorities on Mumbai attach and many other pak terrorist attacks in India. But Pakistan army/Judicial /political authorities have been always in denial mode and also try to manipulate these evidences to nullify the Pak terrorists’ role on any of such attack in India and Afghanistan. Hence, Mr Tillerson should take harsh action against pakistan that only will help desist pakistan authorities from sponsoring /supporting/ funding /training the Haqqani and many other pak based terrorist groups. They can only understand harshness and violence as reply against them and answer to their Jihad terrorist activities. Any moderation /softness towards them will never bear any fruit while dealing with pakistan that has been evident from last twenty years of carrot offered to them . It is time to use stick by USA to subdue the Pak authorities from JIHADI politics. It is unfortunate that instead of providing any developmental support to kashmir and Afghan people Pak is raining bullets in in Kashmir and Afghanistan through its JIHADI activities since last twenty years . Pak envy the popularity of USA/Indian among Afghan /Kashmir public hence, it blames USA/’ India and says India has no role in Afghanistan while all citizens there appreciate /adore USA/ India’s contribution there. Hence, without any compromise and further talks with Pak, USA should take strongest and meaningful military action against pakistan so that they would be taught a lesson on their excuses. adamancy and high handedness while sending JIHADIs to kashmir and Afghanistan in spite of repeated exposes of their unholy activities in South Asia.

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