The U.S. President Donald Trump has said the Taliban group is making a fortune out of the U.S. presence in Afghanistan, claiming that the leadership of the group is mixed about even wanting the U.S. out of Afghanistan.

“Could someone please explain to them that we have been there for 19 years,” Trump wrote. “The Taliban is mixed about even wanting us out. They make a fortune $$$ out of having us stay, and except at the beginning, we never really fought to win,” Trump was quoted as saying in a report by Washington Post.

Trump further added “We are more of a police force than the mighty military that we are, especially now as rebuilt. No, I am not acting impulsively!”

This comes as the U.S. and Taliban signed a peace deal late in February this year with an aim to pave the way for the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan as well as the launch of intra-Afghan talks in a bid to end the conflict in the country.

Counter-terrorism assurances, reduction in violence or ceasefire, intra-Afghan talks and troops withdrawal were among the key issues the U.S. and Taliban representatives held extensive talks ahead of signing the peace deal.

Meanwhile, the Afghan officials blame the Taliban group for expanding its ties with the terrorist groups, specifically Al Qaeda and ISIS group following the signing of the peace deal with Washington.

The Afghan officials also blamed Taliban for coordinating with Al Qaeda and ISIS to conduct the recently deadly attacks, including the raid on maternity ward in Kabul city.


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