The Taliban militants have suffered heavy casualties in the airstrikes of the Afghan and coalition forces in north-western Badghis province of the country.

The 207th Zafar Corps in a statement said Coalition Forces and Afghan Air Force conducted multiple airstrikes in support of ground forces in Aab Kamari district, Badghis province, in which 19 Taliban terrorists were killed and 4 were wounded.

The statement further added some of the senior leaders of the group including Mawlawee Besmellah, Shadow district governor of the Taliban in Aab Kamari, Abdulhanan, a Taliban tactical commander for Aab Kamari, Mawlawee Abdulrahimdad, and Taliban chief for religious matters in the district were among those killed.

The other Taliban commanders killed in the airstrikes have been identified as Ghulam Hazrat, a Taliban local commander, Mullah Najeeb, a Taliban group leader, Mullah Hazeez, Zikrullah, Mohammad Naser, Mahmood, Ezatullah, Abdulsamad, Mawlawee Sidiq, Khan Mohammad, Abdul Aziz, Muhsen, Zainuddin, Abdul Basir, Khudadad, Barakatullah.

Also, in those airstrikes, 4 Taliban including, Habibullah, Haleem, Basir and Abdul Rafi were wounded, the 207th Zafar Corps added.


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