December 17, 2017

Taliban leaders keen to join peace are jailed in Pakistan

By Sayed Jawad - Sun Dec 09 2012, 7:35 pm

Officials in the ministry of foreign affairs of Afghanistan said lack of confidence among the Taliban leaders and various risks which threatens the Taliban leaders who are willing to join peace talks are the main reasons which prevents Afghan peace talks to achieve satisfactory results.

The officials are also saying that all Taliban detainees in Pakistan jails should be freed and must have the authority to travel in a third nation to help the momentum of Afghan peace talks.

They are also saying that the Taliban leaders detained in Pakistan are willing to join peace process in Afghanistan.

Afghan foreign ministry spokesman Janan Mosazai on Sunday said, “Taliban leaders detained in Pakistan have been arrested since they are interested and prepared to join peace process. This is the main reason that the Afghan government is repeatedly urging Pakistan to free Taliban group members.”

Despite Taliban group has denied peace talks with the Afghan goverment, officials in the ministry of foreign affairs believe that several Taliban leaders are keen to participate in Afghan reconciliation process.

In the meantime Pakistan during the recent visit of Afghan foreign minister has vowed to free all Taliban detainees from the Pakistan jails.

However concerns regarding the honesty of Pakistan towards the Afghan peace talks once again raised among the Afghan officials after a suicide bomber who introduced himself as Taliban peace messenger attacked Afghan spy chief Asadullah Khalid last Thursday.

In a similar attempt a suicide bomber who introduced himself Taliban peace envoy from Quetta Council assassinated Afghan peace council chief Burhanuddin Rabbani last year.

But Afghan officials are optimistic regarding Pakistan’s cooperation in Afghan peace process after Pakistan agreed to free a number of Taliban detainees responding the request of the Afghan high peace council.

Foreign affairs ministry spokesman Janan Mosazai also said Pakistan has a key role in paving the way for direct talks between the Taliban leaders and Afghan government.

Despite repeated efforts by Afghan government to hold peace talks with the Taliban group, Kabul has not achieved a satisfactory result in this regard.

Afghan president Hamid Karzai in the latest press conference in Kabul said there are three different Taliban groups operating in Afghanistan; Taliban under the command of Inter Service Intelligence (IS) of Pakistan, Taliban under the command of world intelligence and Taliban fighters who are angry from the Afghan government due to various reasons.”

Afghan foreign ministry also said Afghanistan is looking to hold talks with the Taliban group which believes to bring peace in the country.

Janan Mosazai said, “There are different groups of Taliban. We will only hold peace talks with those who support peace in Afghanistan and backs stability and development in the country. Our campaign against those who are opposing security, democracy and development will continue.”

He also hoped that the peace efforts will lead to permanent stability in Afghanistan.

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  1. We always talk about Taliban but hardly mention about their leader . We must find out what happened to the leader and where is now and why he is not showing up at news conference or other occasions ? if he does not exist so why we are talking about peace process , with who ? I want to know the answer .

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