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Taliban leader emphasizes regional relations in Eid message amid the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan

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Khaama Press
Khaama Press
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The National Television of Afghanistan, under Taliban control, broadcasted an Eid message attributed to Hibatullah Akhundzada, the leader of this group, on Saturday.

He stated that the Taliban government is advancing with all regional countries in the enlightenment of the sacred religion of Islam in the arenas of balanced politics and economy-focused approaches, desiring diplomatic and economic relations with everyone.

The leader of the Taliban added that it is the duty entrusted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to create a better atmosphere of confidence among all countries, especially the Islamic world.

In the Eid message, it is also stated: “Our sustenance and protection come from Almighty Allah, the powers of the world cannot take away your sustenance nor can they sever it.”

The message also emphasizes that the world’s major powers “cannot take away the lives” of Taliban members.

The Eid message attributed to the Taliban leader makes no mention of the millions of dollars in cash aid from the United States and the United Nations entering Afghanistan as “humanitarian aid.

The issue of protecting the lives of Taliban members and the implicit reference to the threat from “major powers” is raised in the Eid message attributed to Hibatullah Akhundzada, as it was reported last Tuesday that the Taliban leader was forced to change his residence due to the flight of unmanned aircraft over his office.

In recent days, the flights of American drones over the skies of Afghanistan have increased. According to a report, Hibatullah, the leader of the group in Kandahar, was compelled to relocate due to the fear of drone flights over Kandahar.

According to sources, the Taliban moved their leader to the “Talokan military base” in the Panjwai district of Kandahar.

In the Eid message, he stated that esteemed scholars and influential councils are currently working together with officials to adapt religious decrees. He added that councils of scholars and influential figures will also be established in all districts following the provinces.

He reiterated that the Taliban regime prioritizes the implementation of Islamic law for achieving the goals of holy jihad and safeguarding the sacrifices of the mujahideen. He emphasized that to achieve this, justice, Sharia boundaries, and Sharia punishments are administered by courts by Sharia principles uniformly.

However, reports reveal disturbing actions by the Taliban, including flogging, beating women, and extrajudicial killings of former police and soldiers across various provinces.

The Eid messages from the Taliban leader coincide with a severe humanitarian crisis, with over 28 million people residing below the poverty line, according to international aid agencies.

Amidst allegations of severe human rights abuses, the Taliban’s Eid message draws attention to the dire situation in Afghanistan, where millions struggle to meet basic needs.

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