Taliban leader Mullah Hibatullah in his annual message before Eid-ul-Fitr called on the United States to implement all aspects of the Doha agreement.

Hibatullah stressed the release of remaining detainees, who should have been released three months after the negotiations began, he added that the prisoners have not yet been released.

He also demanded that Islamic Emirate’s leadership and officials should be removed from the sanction and reward list.

The Taliban leader also warned the United States to honor its obligations under the Doha agreement, and failure to comply with the agreement will put US forces responsible for the consequences.

Haibatullah also accused the Afghan government of sabotaging the peace process, he said negotiations are a priority for the Taliban and that the Taliban has appointed a strong team to negotiate with the opposing party.

On the contrary, Kabul’s administration has repeatedly tried to sabotage the current political process and the peace process, Taliban leader blamed Afghanistan’s Islamic Republic.

Taliban’s leader remarks come as battle has raged and fierce clashes are ongoing between both warring parties.

Earlier Today, President Ashraf Ghani blamed the Taliban for Sayed-ul-Shuhada (girls high school) attack in which many civilians including school children were killed and wounded.

President Ghani stressed that the Taliban wants to sabotage the peace process in Afghanistan.