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Taliban leader behind Afghan-US base attack arrested

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Attack on Afghan-US baseA Taliban group member who was involved behind attack on Jalalabad airfield was arrested following a joint military operation by Afghan and coalition security forces in eastern Nangahar province of Afghanistan on Sunday.

NATO-led International Security Assistance Force following a statement announced, “An Afghan and coalition security force arrested a Taliban facilitator during an operation in Jalalabad district, Nangarhar province Dec. 16.”

The source further added, “The facilitator provided direct support to the insurgents who conducted the Dec. 2 attack on Jalalabad Airfield.”

A squad of Taliban suicide bombers launched a dawn attack on a major American airfield in eastern Afghanistan by trying to blast their way through the gate with two suicide car bombs.

The attack began shortly before sunrise when insurgents — wearing coalition uniforms — attacked three different points at Forward Operating Base Fenty, near the Jalalabad Airfield, according to the NATO-led International Assistance Security Force’s regional command in Nangarhar province.

It was at least the third ambitious assault on a major base in Afghanistan this year, but initially seemed to have caused less damage than some of the previous attacks.
All nine attackers were killed and Nato officials said they had not managed to breach the perimeter.

In the meantime ISAF following the statement also added Afghan security force, supported by coalition troops, arrested a Taliban leader and detained two suspected insurgents during an operation in Kandahar district, Kandahar province, Dec. 15. The leader supplied insurgents with weapons and ammunition, coordinated attacks and oversaw the transfer of homemade explosives and improvised explosive device materials.

In a separate operation Afghan and coalition security force discovered an improvised explosive device cache Dec. 15 during a security operation in Washir district, Helmand province, ISAF said following the statement adding that the cache contained seven IEDs, weapons and IED-making materials. All the items found in the cache were destroyed by the combined security force.

Taliban militants group yet to comment regarding the report.

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