NDS2The National Directorate of Security (NDS) – Afghanistan’s intelligence agency has arrested a Taliban landmine planter dressed like a women in Paktia province.

A statement issued by NDS on Wednesday states that Nasir alias Khalid S/O Abdul Manan was arrested red hand with the bomb he intended to plant in Spin Qala area of Gardiz city, the provincial capital of Paktia.

According to the statement, Nasir belongs to Bahram Kochi group of Taliban.

The video that is released by NDS shows a man wearing an expansive lady dress, with round skirt.

NDS’s press release further states that Nasir has received lessons to make bombs across the Durand Line.

It adds that after receiving his lessons, Nasir was making bombs for his group and also actively participated in a number of bombings.

NDS has not specified the exact date of the arrest but the agency issues statements after recent activities.


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