Amid growing violence against the women across the country, the Taliban militants have killed at least two women on various charges only this week.

The Taliban militants executed a pregnant and a girl in northeastern Badakhshan province of Afghanistan in an apparent honor killing.

The local government officials said the pregnant was killed in the residence of her father late on Tuesday night.

Provincial governor’s spokesman Ahmad Navid Frotan said the woman had visited her father’s house three days ago in Yamgan district.

In the meantime, the provincial government media office in a statement said a young girl was shot dead by the Taliban early on Wednesday in Khambel Yaftal village.

The statement further added that the girl was shot dead in the presence of her family after the girl and her family repeated rejected marriage proposal from a local Taliban leader Mawlavi Saifullah.

The Taliban militants group has not commented regarding the execution of the pregnant and the girl so far.

Badakshan is among the relatively volatile provinces in northeastern Afghanistan which has witnessed growing violence, mainly due to Taliban-led insurgency during the recent years.