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Taliban kill 13 anti-Taliban uprising forces in Ghazni

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Taliban6Commanders of the public uprising forces against the Taliban militants in eastern Ghazni province of Afghanistan confirmed heavy casualties of the anti-Taliban forces in this province.

Anti-Taliban public uprising forces commander in Andar district, Eng. Lotfullah Kamrani said at least 13 people were killed after Taliban militants attacked a security check post.

Eng. Kamrani further added that Taliban militants attacked the security check post in yet another surprise attack during the past two years that incurred heavy casualties to resistance forces.

This comes as at least 6 anti-Taliban fighters were killed after Taliban militants attacked a security check post in September last year in Kansif area at Andar district.

Kansif is considered to be main area where anti-Taliban public uprising started and majority of the anti-Taliban activities are plotted from this area.

Andar is among the most volatile districts in eastern Ghanzi province of Afghanistan where Taliban militants are openly operating, that led to the public uprising against the militants.

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