Taliban insurgents AfghanistanThe Taliban militants have kidnapped scores of passengers from the restive in Helmand in southern Afghanistan.

The incident took place in Greshk district earlier today after the Taliban militants stopped a number of vehicles including a bus carrying passengers.

The passengers have been taken to an unknown location and the exact number of hostages yet to be confirmed.

The Taliban militants group has not commented regarding the report so far.

The Taliban militants have stepped up hostage takings across the country during the recent weeks as the group claim they abduct security personnel and government officials traveling in the highways.

Numerous kidnapping incidents have taken place in northern Afghanistan following a major kidnapping incident that took place late last month in northern Kunduz province.

At least 185 passengers were kidnapped as they were traveling on the main highway in Kunduz last month but majority of them were released after they were interrogated.

The Taliban militants killed at least 17 of the abducted passengers after they were accused of working for the government.