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Taliban, IS may invade Central Asia, warns Russian intelligence

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talibRussia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has warned that Taliban or Islamic State (IS) fighters may invade central Asia.

FSB director Alexander Bortnikov said that a concentration of Taliban fighters, some of whom had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group, at Afghanistan’s northern border make the risk of invasion tangible, Russian news agencies reported on Wednesday.

Russia’s biggest concern is Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan towards which Taliban are nearing.

Besides Taliban, Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) that recently announced allegiance to IS also operates in the northern part of the country.

 The group is believed to have links with other militant groups such as Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and is considered comparatively a strong group.

It has been reported that IMU was involved in several deadly TTP attacks in Pakistan including one on Karachi airport that left at least 36 people killed in 2014.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in the meeting of Commonwealth of Independent States Council of Heads on October 16 that Situation in Afghanistan is close to critical, adding that  it is important to closely monitor the situation on the CIS’ external borders.

“We need to ensure the CIS Antiterrorist Centre’s effective operation and continue coordinating the work of our intelligence services and keep up a constant exchange of information. It is especially important to monitor closely the situation on the CIS’ external borders, and in this respect, I agree with the President of Uzbekistan, who expressed his concern over the situation taking shape in Afghanistan.” He said in the meeting.

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  1. Afghanistan Taliban are aware of isis presence in Afghanistan & are in an independent Operation to neutralise isis threat in Afghanistan. 
    Afghanistan Taliban in Afghanistan considers Russia a friend of Afghanistan.
    Afghanistan Taliban in Afghanistan welcomes suggestions from Russia.
    Afghanistan Taliban in Afghanistan welcomes support from Russia.
    29th October 2015.

  2. In Musical Chair Game the players march to music around a row of chairs numbering one less than the players and scramble for seats when the music stops. The game musical chairs is confusing due to the rapid change of the music…
    The new strategy by some Taliban fraction to go to bed with Putin’s Russia reminds on the Musical Chairs Game.
    For Taliban next to their main assignment by Pakistan to destabilize the Afghan State and establish the Pakistani influence in Afghanistan, the involved in bunch of other criminal activities and specially in drug trade was also a source of income. Now due to internal conflicts between different The need for securing other sources of income kissing the butt of Putin is totally legitimate due to extremely low moral standard for Taliban business practices.
    Maybe the in other hand the IS is a backup solution for Pakistan as an insurance policy to punish the bad Taliban who are not 100% subordinate to Pakistan and not following the new appointed Taliban Mansur by Pakistan.
    Now the other friction of Taliban are trying to selling themselves to Russia for money to kills more civilian in Afghanistan, because Pakistan decided to support the Mansur band.
    Of course there must be some agreement between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia for not harming IS in Afghanistan and in return the IS will limit their activities in Pakistan. Saudi is a supporter of Dahesh as an insurance policy against the influence of Iran in the middle east, in such countries like Iraq, Syria and Lebanon and Afghanistan.
    The Musical Chairs is a game for children’s, but now Taliban as the the Children of Pakistan recognizes that Pakistan removed one chair for some of them and now are looking to Putin for a replacement chair.
    By end of the day Allah will punish this fake Muslims and they and kill each other and with Allah’s help the Taliban an IS will be destroyed in Afghanistan.


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