A man kidnapped by the Taliban insurgents has killed at least seven militants before escaping from the captivity of the militants, the local officials said.

The Paktika governor’s office said in a statement the kidnapped individual hails from Sarobi district and is the brother of Afghan Local Police (ALP) forces commander.

The man has been identified as Awal Khan the brother of ALP commander Darya Khan who was kidnapped on Wednesday.

Darya Khan says the Taliban militants were looking to present his brother to Taliban shadow governor as they were conducting aerial firing on the way to their leader’s residence.

He said his brother reacted immediately after reaching Gomal district and while the Taliban insurgents were busy consulting among themselves and took the weapon of one of them.

Khan further added that his brother opened fire on Taliban insurgents, leaving seven of them dead and eighteen others wounded and escaped the district using the Taliban vehicle.

In the meantime, the govenror’s office in Paktika says the death toll of the Taliban could higher than reported but citing initial reports the provincial government said at least seven militants have been killed and eighteen others have been wounded.

The anti-government armed militant groups including Taliban insurgents have not commented regarding the report so far.