January 18, 2018

Taliban group use civilians as human shields: ISAF

By Sayed Jawad - Fri Feb 15 2013, 2:46 pm

Taliban use civlians as human shieldsNATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said they are aware of the sensitivities as a result of the civilian casualties but Taliban group use ordinary civilians as human shield which increase civilian deaths, Deutchwelle reported.

This comes as a NATO airstrike killed a number of Afghan civilians including children and women in Shaigal district and president Hamid Karzai summoned the newly appointed NATO commander Gen. Joseph Dunford.

Gen. Joseph Dunford said the airstrike was carried out after Afghan and coalition security forces called for air support to fight the al Qaeda militants.

At least 10 civilians were killed following the airstrike.

According to Afghan presidential palace president Hamid Karzai urged Gen. Joseph Dunford to remain committed as ex-NATO commander Gen. John Allen and prevent airstrikes in residential areas.

NATO commander Gen. Joseph quoted in presidential palace media office statement vowed to prevent airstrikes in residential areas.

Karzai said, “Such incidents should be strictly prevented since civilian deaths are unacceptable.”

Brigadier General Günter Katz, ISAF Spokesman following a press conference in Kabul said, investigations in Kunar airstrike is under investigation and the main issue is that Taliban militants use civilians as human shield.

He said, Afghanistan is no more a safe haven for the militants and ISAF and the Afghan government will not allow militants to create sanctuaries in Afghan cities and villages. Such mistakes take place in war and ISAF remains committed to prevent civilian casualties in military operations.

Civilians casualties have been one of the main controversial issue between Afghan president Karzai and his international allies during the past years.

President Hamid Karzai has taken strict stance against the NATO and US troops over civilian casualties.

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