Taliban militants group in Afghanistan has urged Pakistan to clarify their objections on Afghan peace talks.

Afghan officials quoted by Pakistani News agencies said, Taliban group is struggling to involve the Haqqani Network in peace talks withe the United States of America.

The Afghan official further added, Taliban has shared peace talks draft with the Pakistani officials however the group has not disclosed secret US-Taliban peace talks to Pakistan yet.

The official said, Haqqani Network is also expected to join peace talks despite the network will be absent in US-Taliban peace talks in Qatar.

According to the Afghan official, Dr. Nasirudddin Haqqani the elder brother of Sirajuddin Haqqani has met with Tayeb Agha and has urged to update him regarding the peace talks progress of the Taliban grouop with Washington.

This comes as there has been growing concerns by the Afghan govenment in regards to the US-Taliban peace talks and insisted that the leadership of the peace talks should belong to Afghans.

Hoever Taliban group in Afghanistan following a statement earlier announced the group’s agreement to sit in for peace talks with International Community in order to resolve the issues of Afghanistan.