Provincial officials of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in Kandahar province said that they have released 40 prisoners who were kept behind bars for no crime.

The local officials said that the innocent prisoners and those who are accused of low-scale crimes were freed in coordination with Afghanistan’s Office of Prisons Administration.

The administration had reportedly released tens of innocent prisoners in Ghazni, and Zabul provinces.

A delegation of Afghanistan’s Office of Prisons Administration is supposed to travel to Urozgan, Helmand, Nimroz, Herat, Faryab, and other provinces of the country to investigate cases of inmates.

Supreme Leader of the Taliban Mullah Hebtullah Akhundzada has recently appointed a delegation to investigate cases of inmates across Afghanistan and free those who are incarcerated for no reason or have carried out low-scale crimes.

It is worth mentioning that the Taliban released all prisons from Afghanistan’s jails after they regained power on August 15.