Gen. RaziqThe provincial police chief of southern Kandahar province General Abdul Raziq has said the founder of the Taliban group Mullah Mohammad Omar was the real was the real Mujahid.

The remarks by Gen. Raziq came a day after a gathering in Kabul to mark the death anniversary of Burhanuddin Rabbani turned controversial.

Expressing his strong opposition for the event and offering privilege to certain Mujahideen leaders, Gen. Raziq warned that the people of Kandahar will not remain silent, insisting that supremacy of jihad is not limited to a particular ethnic group.

Gen. Raziq was speaking to 1TV following the controversial event that also saw the former Afghan President Hamid Karzai being insulted by certain people.

He went on to say that ‘no one is allowed to labe a thief to her’ emphasizing that the real Mujahideen like Mullah Omar and the group’s slain military commander Mullah Dadullah have no properties or businesses left behind them.

Gen. Raziq is a prominent security official in the south and has been famous for his hard stance against the Taliban group.

He rose to prominence after 2001 when he was serving as the police chief of Spin Boldak district with his activities prompting dread among the Taliban fighters.

Gen. Raziq has imposed an uneasy peace in Kandahar province which was the birth place of the Taliban group.
Being a prized target for the Taliban group, Gen. Raziq ordered the Afghan forces earlier in August last year to execute Taliban detainees who are arrested during the military operations.

He has escaped a number of coordinated attacks planned by Taliban to assassinate him. He was slightly injured following a suicide attack nearly three years ago, while Taliban militants launched coordinated attack on his family home in Spin Boldak district back in July last year.