January 17, 2018

Taliban financed and equipped outside Afghanistan: Haidari

By Ghanizada - Wed Feb 26 2014, 6:35 pm

AshrafDavid-649x330By Manish Rai

Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of Afghanistan in India, Mr. Mohammad Ashraf Haidari blamed the Taliban militants on the other side of border for the deadly attack on Afghan national army soldiers in eastern Kunar province of Afghanistan.

In an interview with Viewsaround, Mr. Haidari, said, “It is public knowledge that the attack on our forces in Ghazi-abad, Kunar, was carried out by the Taliban from across the Durand Line.”

Mr. Haidari further added, “The Taliban’s terror campaign against the people of Afghanistan and our achievements of the past 12 years, in partnership with the international community, is financed, equipped, and ideologically motivated outside Afghanistan.”

“As a terrorist outfit, the Taliban lack popular support in Afghanistan where they have consequently resorted in desperation to complex suicide and IED terrorist attacks, the victims of which are overwhelmingly innocent civilians,” Haidari said.

In response to a question regarding the capabilities of the Afghan security forces to defend the country after the withdrawal of the NATO forces from Afghanistan, Mr. Haidari, said, “That is largely a misplaced concern, one that is actually part of the enemy’s anti-Afghanistan propaganda.

He said, “The Afghan people stand united against external aggression in the form of terrorism and its different manifestations. Actually, after the falling of our forces in Ghazi-abad, there has been an outpouring of support from across Afghanistan and our diaspora communities abroad for the families of the Fallen, for our armed forces, and for the government of Afghanistan.”

Haidari also added, “At the same time, many young Afghans have volunteered to replace the Fallen and continue their just fight against any terrorists that infiltrate into Afghanistan from across the Durand Line. And on issues of equipping and training our forces after withdrawal of NATO troops, we are not concerned at all, since the international community is firmly committed to staying the course in Afghanistan. Indeed, they understand that our forces not only defend Afghanistan against terrorism and extremism but also help maintain international peace and security. The 9/11 tragedy is a reminder.”

At least 21 Afghan national army soldiers were killed and six others were abducted following an attack by the Taliban militants on Afghan army outposts in Ghaziabad district of Kunar province early Sunday morning.

The ministry of defense of Afghanistan accused 9 Afghan national army officers for negligence and were dismissed from their positions.

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  1. It is interesting to contemplate that again the Hamid Karzai government is BLAMING ANOTHER GOVERNMENT when it knows IT is at FAULT!

    BLAMING Pakistan is not fair because Pakistan has MILLIONS of Afghan Refuges living there because they where FORCED there BOTH by Taliban AND KARZAI (HAMID) Government. ( MOSTLY BECAUSE OF HAMID KARZAI INCOMPETENCY)

    What of the Karzai appointed diplomat? He was covering his behind when he knew it was on the line and knew his job would soon end because it is financed by USA, NOT Hamid Karzai nor Afghanistan.

    In false statement made by diplomat, the international community is not behind Hamid Karzai and has PUBLICLY notified HAMID KARZAI government that they will be pulling out of Afghanistan leaving the country defenseless, allowing Taliban and others to annihilate Afghanistan just like Iraq, following USA and NATO deadline for pullout.

    And a note from me personally? I see Taliban and others causing 3 million plus+ Afghan MURDERS because of Hamid Karzai’s ACTIONS.

    So when you start dying do not blame Allah, or God, or USA, or NATO, or UN, or Russia, or China, or Pakistan, or India.

    Blame only Hamid Karzai and his brother, and his BROTHERS.

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