Locals rushing through the street after a suicide bomber detonated himself in front of Kowsar educational center, Oct 24, 2020. [Photo: MUSLIM KHALILI/ TWITTER]

KABUL, Afghanistan – The terrorist group, who is accused of countless violence throughout Afghanistan, faced backlash for denying responsibility over Saturday bombing in Kowsar education center, with the ARG saying “Taliban still continue to escalate violence and protract their illegitimate war”.

Hours after the blast rocked west Kabul Saturday evening, the Afghan Presidential Palace in Press Release said, “Afghanistan vehemently condemns the brutal and terrorist attacks in various parts of the country that claimed scores of innocent lives and injured many others including children and women today.”

“This evening’s terrorist attack that targeted a training center in district 13 of Kabul, a roadside bomb in Rawza area of Ghazni province that took 9 innocent lives, attack on Kamal Khan hydropower dam as well as recent terrorist attacks in Helmand, Ghor and Nimruz provinces have caused casualties and damages to the public facilities,” the Palace elaborated.

While the Afghan government released at least 6,100 Taliban prisoners to mark a peace deal with the group, compromising its security and defense bodies, critique suggests war has rather escalated in recent months.

“Consultative Peace Jirga decided and approved the release of 6,100 Taliban prisoners, and in spite of the frequent calls by the Afghan government and people and the international community on the Taliban to end the war and bloodshed and agree to a ceasefire; the Taliban still continue to escalate violence and protract their illegitimate war,” the Palace criticized.

Earlier, an explosion went off outside the Kowsar education center in Pul-e-Khoshk area of Dasht-e-Barchi in West Kabul Saturday evening, killing at least 24 and wounded further 46 people.

According to the Interior Ministry, a suicide bomber was identified by security guards of the education center, leading the suspect to a premature detonation.

Taliban denied involvement in the attack, while Daesh claimed responsibility.

The Kowsar education center is located at a narrow street in Pul-e-Khoshk area. The suicide bomber who was trying to enter the center, was reportedly recognized, failing him to target crowd of young students.

According to eyewitnesses, dozens of pupils between 16 to 25 years old were in their classes when the bomb went off. Videos on social media showed many teenagers sustained injuries in the explosion.


  • Muhammad Arif Sheva holds a B.A degree in Journalism from Int'l Peace Leadership College Rizal, Philippines. Sheva works as an editor and content writer for Khaama Press.