December 17, 2017

Taliban execute 21 kidnapped security personnel

By Sadaf Shinwari - Sun Dec 30 2012, 10:09 am

Taliban execute kidnapped Pakistan security personnelPakistani Taliban militants have executed 21 paramilitary force men who were captured in attacks on their posts late last week, a government official said on Sunday.

The bullet-riddled bodies of the policemen were found in Jabai area of Frontier Region Peshawar, located a short distance from the capital of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province, shortly after midnight.

On late Wednesday night, an estimated 30 heavily armed Taliban militants launched an attack on two checkpoints south of Peshawar, killing two security personnel, wounding another and kidnapping 23 others.

Naveed Abbas, a senior administration official in the Khyber region confirming the report said one man was badly wounded but survived. He said, adding that the bodies had been found.

The killing of the men followed two high-profile attacks in Peshawar this month. Suicide bombers attacked Peshawar’s airport on December 15 and a bomb killed a senior Pashtun nationalist politician and eight other people at a rally on December 22.

The Darra Adam Khel faction of the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan had claimed responsibility for the attack on the check posts.

Police officials had said yesterday that the elders had established contact with the militants and started negotiations for the release of the kidnapped personnel.

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  1. Dear Khaama Press
    I am an independent Australian documentary film maker producing a military history program on the conflict in Afghanistan since 9/11.
    I need professional quality photographs and video of the conflict, especially anti-Western fighters such as the Taliban and Al Qaeda.
    My treatment of such material is respectful of cultural differences and is non-ideological and balanced in approach.
    Do you have such imagery, or can you direct my enquiries to likely sources?
    With best wishes
    Dr Bruce HorsfieldSydney Australia 

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