December 17, 2017

Taliban enforce Sharia law in Eastern Afghanistan

By Sajad - Sat Nov 10 2012, 12:19 pm

Local residents in eastern Ghazni province of Afghanistan said Taliban militants have recently expanded their operations and are forcing the youths of this to province to comply with the Shariah law.

The residents are saying that Taliban militants who are introducing themselves as Amr-bil-Ma’roof (ordering for acknowledged virtues) and nahi anil munkar (forbidding from sin) members are beating the youths with shaved beards, long hair and those wearing suits.

Ghazni province is among the volatile regions in central eastern Afghanistan where Taliban militants are openly operating in a number of its districts however militants have recently doubled their operations in this province.

Residents in Kheshik and Khak-e-Ghariban districts are saying that Taliban militants are openly operating in these two districts and are attacking Afghan security forces.

They are saying that at least 13 people including women and children have been killed following clashes during the past one month in these districts.

However the recent operations by “AMR BIL MAROOF & NAHI ANIL MUNKAR” which is operated by the Taliban militants has created tensions among the local residents and government officials in this province.

Dr. Hamida Gulistani a member of the security division in provincial council confirming the report said, “Taliban militants were considered a security threat earlier however they are nowadays interfering in personal lives of the people.”

She said, “Taliban militants were annoying people with shaved beards and long hair on the highways but nowadays they are entering the city and beating people.

Under the hard-line regime of Taliban, music, dancing, and mixed-gender parties were strictly forbidden. The Talibans’ “Amr Bil Maroof Wa Nahi Anil Munkar” (Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice), which was created to brutally execute and implement strict Sharia law, usually ordered decrees similar to those of the Islamic clerics. The administration for promotion of virtue and prevention of vice punished and executed people for watching TV, listening to music, shaving beard, and committing adultery.

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