The youngest suicide bomber who was encouraged to carry out sucide bomb blast surrendered himself to Afghan security forces in southern Helmand province of Afghanistan.

The suicide bomber was recognized as Niyaz Mohammad and is the resident of Kajaki district.

He said his entire family members were killed following a NATO airstrike in Kajaki district.

Afghan national police forces in Helmand province on Tuesday introduced the 12 years old Afghan suicide bomber who had surrendered himself in Nawa district to Afghan police.

Provincial security chief Gen. Abdul Nabeel said the teen suicide bomber was sent to Nawa district three months back in order to carry out suicide bomb blast against the Afghan and coalition security forces.

The youngest suicide bomber Niyaz Mohammad told reporters that he was encouraged by Taliban group to carry out suicide bombing.

He said, “Taliban told me to carry suicide attack on foreign troops. I ignored to wear the suicide vest and came to the provincial security commandment.”

In the meantime provincial security chief said teenagers are normally encouraged to carry out suicide bomb blast since they are jobless.

Niyaz Mohammad said he was taken by an individual to prepare for suicide bombing after his family was killed in a NATO airstrike. The owner of the house was looking to kill Niyaz Mohammad when he rejected to carry out suicide blast however he managed to visit the security commandment.