Ghazni provinceAccording to local security officials in eastern Ghazni province of Afghanistan, a senior Taliban leader and district chief was killed in Andar district.

Provincial security chief for eastern Ghazni province Zarawar Zahid confirming the report said the Taliban district chief Mullah Adam Khan also known as Mullah Jan was killed in this province.

Mr. Zahid further added Mullah Adam Khan was killed following a military operation by Afghan national police forces in Ali village at Andar district on Wednesday night.

Ghazni is among the most volatile region in eastern Afghanistan where Taliban militants and other insugent groups have increased their acitivities during the recent years.

Increased insurgency in Ghazni province forced local residents to pick weapons against the militants which led to an overall public uprising across the province.

In the meantime provincial security chief Zarawar Zahid said the Taliban district chief killed was one of the prominent member of the Taliban group who was coordinating attacks against the Afghan and coalition security forces.

Taliban militants group yet to comment regarding the report.