According to local authorities in Bamiyan province of Afghanistan, Afghan security forces detained Taliban district chief in Saighan.

The officials further added Mullah Abdul Kabir was arrested by Afghan security forces along with some weapons and ammunition including 1 RPG, 2 missiles, 120 rounds of AK-47 and PK ammos, some explosive materials and 3 remote controls.

Provincial security media office chief Ahmad Aliyar said Taliban district chief Mullah Abdul Kabir was arrested after carrying out a failed suicide bomb blast to target Saighan district chief.

Mr. Aliyar further added Afghan security forces seized some documents from Mullah Abdul Kabir which shows he had conducted his classes in a religious school “Jame Ashhad-ul-Tawhid” in Peshawar city of Pakistan and was later send to Bamiyan province of Afghanistan.

In the meantime Mullah Abdul Kabir said a number of religious clerics of Afghanistan is also being trained in religious Madrasas in Pakistan.

He said he was elected as district chief for Saighan while he was being trained in Peshawar city of Pakistan.

Mullah Abdul Kabir also said Taliban group was being supported and organized by United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Pakistan’s Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) and 25 other Islamic and Western nations.

According to local security officials, this is the second time Afghan security forces arrest nominated Taliban leader in Bamiyan province of Afghanistan.

Afghan security forces arrested nominated Taliban provincial governor Mullah Burhanuddin for Bamiyan province last yet.

Taliban militants group yet to comment regarding the report.