Cabinet of the Taliban interim government recently decided to dissolve ministry government in peace affairs, ministry of government in parliament affairs, Independent Election Commission, Independent Election Complaints Commission from their cabinet.

As per the new decision, the Independent Commission of Human Rights will be operational with a change in its name.

The interim cabinet has directed the administration of affairs and all relevant administrations to clarify the destiny of the staff of the ministries and the commissions, payment of their salaries, and the entities belonging to the bodies.

One month deadline is given for the above-mentioned tasks to be completed.

The cabinet has also decided to keep the secretariats of the former Senate and parliament and has direct administration of affairs to identify and implement the staff of the secretaries in a two-week time.

In the meantime, the administration of affairs was directed to draft the name of the independent commission of human rights and submit it to the next meeting of the cabinet.

The cabinet has also made decisions about other administrations and commissions.

Earlier, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan had dissolved ministry of women affairs and had replaced it with the ministry of promotion of virtue and promotion of vice.