Foreign ministry of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan denied armed engagement between the Taliban and Turkmenistan border guards in northern Jawzjan province.

Spokesperson of the ministry Abdul Qahar Balkhi in a series of twitter posts said that rumors about skirmishes between the two countries’ border police are untrue.

“There is no issue between Afghanistan and our neighbor nations Turkmenistan and we want positive relations with all countries.” Reads a Twitter post.

Balkhi in the Tweet said that the IEA is seeking positive relations with all countries including Turkmenistan through diplomatic means.

In the meantime, the spokesperson said that recent conflict between Afghan and Pakistani border guards in different provinces is an issue that needs to be negotiated upon.

He added that diplomatic means for resolving the issue with Pakistan will soon be undertaken.

It comes a day after Pakistan’s foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said that they want to resolve recent conflicts with the Taliban through diplomatic means.

Border guards the Taliban recently destroyed Pakistan’s barbed wire on Durand Line in three provinces.