Ministry of Water and Power of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan reacted to the video clip of water of the Kamal Khan Dam in the western Nimroz province flowing to neighboring Iran.

Spokesman of the Ministry in a video clip on Wednesday, January 19, 2022, said that the water is not flowing to Iran and that it was allowed to flow so that it irrigates the nearby agricultural land.

He said that farmers and agriculturalists of the area had d petitions to the local administrations over the water to be allowed to flow on their land.

The Spokesperson said that the acting Minister of Water and Power agreed to do so after recommendations and requests from the residents and provincial officials.

Kamal Khan hydroelectric Dam is located in the Western Nimroz province bordering Iran that was completed last year during the presidency of Ashraf Ghani.

Iran had opposed the construction of the Dam and was furious as the Dam stopped water once flowing to Iran for years.