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Taliban denied killing former Afghan security forces


Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan reacted to the recent joint statement of 20 counties and said that they have not been killing any personnel of the former Afghan government.

20 countries including the US released a joint statement on Sunday, December 5 expressing concern over summary killings and the disappearance of former Afghan military personnel by the Taliban.

The countries reacted after Human Rights Watchdog released the report having interviewed eyewitnesses and family members of the former security forces killed in different provinces.

Spokesperson of Afghanistan’s interior ministry Saeed Khostai in a video clip denied the report and said that they are even ready to investigate the alleged killings if someone has proper documents.

Saeed Khostai said that they are still enforcing their announced general amnesty and all former Afghan security personnel is living in peace both in Kabul and provinces.

“We have witnessed a number of cases of the killings of former Afghan security forces but they were not killed by Taliban fighters but as a result of personal animosity.” Said Khostai.

Analysts say that the Taliban do not have to target former Security personnel as they will need them in establishing a new national army.

They believe that if the Taliban are killing these people in real, it will further make their recognition and legitimacy difficult.



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