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Taliban creates police unit for protecting educational institutes


Ministry of higher education of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan announced that a new 170-member unit has been created for the security and protection of educational institutes.

A statement released by the ministry on Saturday, December 25 reads that the personnel of the unit are part of the ministry’s Special Forces that were trained in 313 central corps for 30 days.

Deputy Minister of higher education Lutfullah Khairkhaw said that the creation of a special unit to protect educational institutions was a must needed.

In the meantime, officials in the defense ministry addressing the new graduates said, protection of educational institutions is as important as their stronghold.

They acknowledged that their service equals worship.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan assigns a special unit for the protection of universities and schools after people filed numerous complaints about the behavior of Taliban affiliates now protecting these institutes.

It comes as public universities and high schools for girls are yet to be reopened.



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