Afghanistan state ministry in peace affairs on Thursday published its four-month report on civilian casualty by the Taliban and Afghan government forces which demonstrates a surge in violence by the Taliban.

The report states that the Taliban have conducted 22 thousand attacks against Afghan National Defense and Security Forces which have left hundreds of thousands of people displaced.

The report is published one day after tens of youths protested against the ongoing conflicts in Kandahar province which have displaced 22 thousand families.

As per the report, a total number of 5587 civilian people were killed and wounded as a result of 93 suicide attacks, 650 rocket shells, 1675 mine explosions, and 844 assassinations by the Taliban.

Meanwhile, 24609 Taliban fighters have been killed and wounded as a result of ANDSF operations in the time span mentioned, reads the report.

The statement released by the ministry further reads that foreign troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan has prompted the Taliban to escalate violence. The statement too blamed regional intelligence for encouraging the Taliban to gain victory militarily.

As per the report, 621 schools have been shut by the Taliban fighters which has led to 42 percent of students be devoid of education.