After common people, social media activists, and former Afghan officials furiously reacted to Pakistani PM Imran Khan’s statements over sending qualified and trained workforce to Afghanistan, the Taliban also reacted saying the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan does not need cooperation and assistance in this regard.

Deputy of spokesman of the IEA Bilal Karimi said that Afghanistan has a sufficient number of trained and qualified people inside the country and does not need foreigners from any country.

Meanwhile, another spokesman of the IEA Inamullah Samangani in a Twitter post said that Imran Khan’s statements have been misunderstood and that the Pakistani PM did not mean sending Pakistanis to Afghanistan to get recruited.

“Journalists have misunderstood and they cannot prove Imran Khan’s statements through the official source. The fact of the matter is that Imran Khan asked neighboring countries to assist the Afghan people.” Reads the Twitter post of Samangani.

But, this is what Imran Khan’s Twitter post reads.