According to local authorities in northern Parwan province, a local Taliban commander accused of having illicit relations with an Afghan woman was killed by Taliban militants in this province.

Shinwari district chief Abdul Rahil confirming the report said the Taliban commander Mullah Abdul Qadir was killed along with the Afghan woman over illicit relations charges late Friday night.

Mr. Rahil further added the accused Afghan woman was being traced by the Taliban militants for the last few months.

He also said the deceased Taliban commander Mullah Abdul Qadir was also accused of disclosing information regarding another Taliban leader Mullah Izatullah who was killed by security forces in Seyar Gerd district.

According to district chief Abdul Rahil the Taliban militants attacked the house of Mullah Qadir and shot dead the Afghan woman along with the local Taliban commander in his house.

Taliban militants group yet to comment regarding the report.

Mullah Izatullah a prominent Taliban leader in Ghorband valley and was killed following a military operation around 2 weeks back in northern Parwan province.

Ghorband valley is considered to be one of the volatile regions in northern Parwan province where Taliban militants are openly operating in a number of its districts.

A member of the Bamiyan provincial council member Jawad Zahak was also kidnapped and killed by Taliban militants in Ghorband valley last year.