Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan claims to have captured the Shutul district of Panjshir province but resistance forces have denied the claim.

Acting minister of culture and information and spokesperson of the Taliban, Zabiullah Mujahid said that eleven outposts have also been taken and over 30 resistance forces have been killed.

Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports by the Taliban read that the districts of Paryan and Onaba districts of the province have also been taken.

It has been the fourth day since the heavy conflicts erupted in Panjshir province between the resistance forces of the province and the Taliban.

A spokesperson of resistance forces Fahim Dashti in a voice clip denied the capture of Shutul district and claimed to have driven back the Taliban fighters in the district.

Dashti claimed that tens of dead bodies of the Taliban fighters are left on the ground and the latter asked tribal elders of Parwan province to mediate and let them take their dead bodies.

Pictures leaked from the Panjshir province show that the fighters in Panjshir province are using rocket launchers, missiles, and other weapons from the era of the Soviet Union.

The resistance forces also claim to have killed 350 Taliban fighters and wounded 290 more.

The heavy and deadly fight between the warring sides erupted after peace negotiations between the two sides failed.