The Ministry of Defense said on Saturday, that three Taliban insurgents had been killed in an Airstrike by Air Force in Wardak province. 

Details from the Investigations showed, that the incident took place in the ‘Nirkh’ and ‘Sayedabad’ districts of Wardak province.

According to the report, three Taliban fighters were killed during incident.

Incident inquiries indicate that the insurgents were targeted while planting mines through Defense air raids in the regions.  

In another incident, 23 Taliban militants were killed and five others were wounded during the clashes in Arghandab district of Kandahar province.

MoD tweeted, that the Taliban were targeted before they could initiate their offensives on ANDSF positions.

During the operations, Afghan security force members defused 113 IEDs, which were planted by the Taliban insurgents on the public roads in the Zherai, Arghandab, and Maiwand districts of Kandahar province.

The roadside bombs were discovered and safely removed by the Afghan National Army, and dozens of civilian lives were saved before the mines could inflict massive casualties. 

Meanwhile, Taliban attacks have been augmented in Kabul and some other provinces.

This comes as 17 Taliban insurgents were killed by the ANDSF on Saturday, further seven of the militant members were reported wounded in two separate districts of Herat province.

A spokesman for the Ghazni police chief, Ahmad Khan Sirat said, the Taliban had attacked a security checkpoint in the Rowza area of ​​the province, resulting in the fall of the outpost to the militants.

He added that three security personnel were captured alive by the Taliban during the attack and two of the security members successfully escaped for safety.

Some members of the Ghazni provincial council have reportedly criticized security officials in the province, accusing them of negligence in managing the conflict.