Herat Governor, Abdul Saboor Qani stated that the Taliban’s attempt to seize the Ghorian District of Herat Province failed by Security forces.

Wednesday night, hundreds of Taliban, who gathered from different districts of provinces, aimed to attack the Ghorian district of Herat Province, but their attempt failed to seize the district, a local official confirmed.

The governor said that a car loaded with explosives was spotted by security forces and exploded before reaching its target.

A security force member, Mirwais Barikzai, prevented the car bomb, aimed to target the Ghorian Police HQ in Herat, reports said,

Officials confirmed that Mirwas injured in the explosion.

Qani added that as a result of clashes between Taliban Security forces in Ghorian District of Herat Province, at least 20 Taliban were killed and more than 10 were wounded.

Meanwhile, officials have not comment on possible causalities of security forces yet.

The Taliban have not yet commented on the attack.

This comes when security forces and air forces had taken control of many districts from the Taliban in recent days, and the Taliban suffer heavy casualties in these operations.