Afghanistan’s foreign ministry in a statement expressed joy from the bilateral talks between the Taliban and the US delegations in the Qatari capital Doha.

The statement which was made public on Sunday, October 10 reads that the two-day talks were conducted in a friendly manner.

As per the statement, the talks in Doha were concentrated on detailed political issues, implementation of the Doha agreement-between the Taliban and the US-, and that the political issues should not be linked to humanitarian ones.

The statement further reads that the US delegation was told that the implementation of the Doha agreement is the only source of solving the current problems.

“The US delegation said that they are committed to providing humanitarian aids to the people of Afghanistan and will facilitate such kind of aids from other countries.” Reads the statement.

The Taliban delegation that was led by the acting foreign minister Amir Khan Motaqi expressed gratitude to the humanitarian aids of the US and pledged to be distributing the aid transparently.

In the meantime, the statement reads that the Taliban would like to bring diplomatic relations to a good situation and added that there will be conducted same kind of meetings if needed.


  • Najibullah Lalzoy is a journalist and editor at Khaama Press. He has a BA degree in journalism.