According to reports Taliban militants group has detained a number of its senior leaders in connection to receiving money from the Afghan government to prevent attacks on NATO supply convoys.

Chief of the Taliban military council Mullah Ismail was detained along Mullah Ahad Agha and Mullah Ghulam Hassan during the beginning of April.

Mullah Ghulam Hassan was appointed as the minister of intelligence and was later appointed as the Taliban commander in Ghazni province during the Taliban regime. Mullah Ahad Agha was appointed as the Taliban commander in Zabul province during the Taliban regime.

The issues have created tensions among the Taliban group creating fears of growing corruption among the Taliban leadership.

In the meantime analysts believe that the Taliban leadership are worried regarding the issue which could rise tensions and barriers over Taliban peace talks with Washington in Doha.

Reports suggest the Taliban leaders received the money following brokerage of the Afghan high peace council.

Daily Telegraph in its latest article wrote, US congress findings have shown more than $2 billion have been paid as bribe to Taliban commanders to prevent attacks on NATO supply convoys.

Michael Semple Former Deputy to the EU Special Representative for Afghanistan said such detentions will alert Taliban to act cautiously in peace talks with Washington.

Taliban group has been shocked after their leaders received money from Kabul.

According to Daily Telegraph it seems senior Taliban leaders and commanders have received substantive amount of money and have invested the money to buy property and land which has disappointed Taliban group since the money was not transferred to Taliban treasury.

Reports also suggest Mullah Abdul Qayoum has been appointed as the chief of the Taliban military council and has replaced Mullah Ismail.

According to reports Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omer has not interfered to resolve the issue in a bid to prevent disturbing Noorzai people.