November 15, 2018

Taliban are the Pawns of Pakistan: Pentagon

By Ahmad Hasib Farhan - Mon Nov 10 2014, 2:39 pm

PentagonThe Pentagon report has indeed echoed the renowned fact that Taliban are the pawns of ISI used as proxy forces against the people and the government of Afghanistan. The report in fact acknowledged Pakistan’s duplicity in the war against terror and alarmed the new Afghan government that a positive change from Pakistan’s civil and military establishment is a waste of time.

However, the importance of this report lies in the following three aspects. First, as stated many times by the Afghan officials, the Afghan Taliban continue to operate from Pakistan territory to sabotage the Afghan and regional stability. The Afghan Taliban are trained in the military campuses that were established by the United States in 1950s to train the Pakistan army. By accepting this fact now it is the duty of the US government to suspend the financial assistance to Pakistan in the name of “war on terror”.

Second, the report concedes the duplicity of Pakistan’s civil and military establishment. “These relationships run counter to Pakistan’s public commitment to support Afghan-led reconciliation. Such groups continue to act as the primary irritant in Afghan-Pakistan bilateral relations,” This gives a crystal clear reminder to Afghanistan that Pakistan is, and will be the main hub of all problems.

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Third, the report indicates that Pakistan has lost its influence in Afghanistan. “Pakistan uses these proxy forces to hedge against the loss of influence in Afghanistan and to counter India’s superior military”.

In view of the above, the new Afghan government has no reason to trust Pakistan, unless there is positive comeback from Pakistan. ISI-Pak Army combine, is the master mind behind the scene and seems it has no intensions to cease support for Taliban. Pakistan is maintaining terrorists training camps and provides them with necessary facilities

Now this is the time for the Afghan government to use this report as strong evidence to convince the international community to pressurise Pakistan and stop it from its reckless strategy. It is the duty of Organization of the Islamic CooperationOIC and UN Security Council to take necessary actions against Pakistan and play a vital role in this regard. On the other hand, the Afghan government should also use this report to convince its international allies particularly the U.S government to take necessary measures against Pakistan. The US government, without any doubt has the power and influence to call for tough action against Taliban fighters from Pakistani establishment.

The Afghan government should also work on strengthening its security institutions and tightening its control over the border with Pakistan. Afghanistan and Pakistan have 2,200 kilometer border, mostly porous with 94 gateways.  Among the 94 gateways, less than 10 are legal and under control of both government. However, the remaining are free for Taliban to commute between their military bases and safe havens in Pakistan. Afghanistan needs to put in place a new mechanism to restrict free Taliban movement. The Afghan government should increase its military patrol over the border and stop any illegal crossing. This requires better border management and resources, and the Afghan government has the ability to do that and it must.

Ahmad Hasib Farhan is a graduate of Kabul University and holds a Master degree from Japan in Public Policy and Economics. Farhan is an Afghan analyst and commentator on political and socio-economic affairs in Afghanistan. Farhan can be reached at

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  1. Its so sad for me always when i hear such propaganda
    But the fact remains there that if one talks about the so called UN
    Security council and doesn’t even mention a single word about UNSC deliberate criminal attitude
     which i think is the major cause of all these differences,conflicts
        i think those who talk about the UNSC must look at its records why it has been 
    Since its creation worked as an anti muslim body. e.g look at indonasia they divided that muslim
    Country with the resolution (East Taimur) not to forget South Sudan. then iraq and Afghanistan attacked for the implementation of UNSC resolution and evey one knows the condition of iran under sanctions for so long.
    And look at isreal and socalled largest democracy of the world india both have been in the state of denial for the last more then 65yrs to implement the UNSC resolutions. but the so called civilized world’s UN SC does nothing…so justice delayed justice denied…here in this rejoin the solution for peace is simple resolve Kashmir according to the UNSC reslutions 

    1. Dear Batoor bhai

      Why dont you make a beginning by conducting referendum in Your part of Kahsmir, including GB & one given to China. That should give a good insight about the wishes of people living there.

    2. United Nations Security Council Resolution 47 is not binding on India & Pakistan
      The UN resolution was passed by United Nations Security Council under chapter VI of UN Charter.[1] Resolutions passed under Chapter VI of UN charter are considered non binding and have no mandatory enforceability as opposed to the resolutions passed under Chapter VII.[2][3][4]

  2. I would agree with what Mr. Batoor  says.

    Pakistan is not the monster you and the Indian, US press make it out to be. First look inwards. Pakistan didn’t invite the Soviets to come to Afghanistan? Pakistani leaders were not the ones who needed to accept the elections which brought pakhtoons to power,it was Afghani  politicians  who didn’t?  Pakistan has housed millions of refugees just so they could create the Taliban? Every Afghan political faction has a paymaster either in Pakistan, India or the US. Who perpetrated genocide on the Hazara? Was it the Pakistan ISI – ARMY no sir they were Afghani Taliban. 

    I think Afghanistan like Pakistan needs to realise that neither country as going anywhere. 

    Afghanistan despite the fact that it voted to keep Pakistan out  of the UN in 1947, despite the fact that the Durand Line which is the defacto border is still not recognised by Afghanistan ? Why does Afghanistan support a bunch of thugs in Pakistan who claim to he freedom fighters?

    Afghanistan is not an innocent bystander it has been party to all the games that states play. 

    Your article could have been a bit more honest and unbiased but that may be expecting too much.

  3. if you want to finish Taliban you have to change policy and go inside Pakistan and attack them wherever you find them…it must be continuous and non stop till they are harassed mentally and become frightened…the military Academies and cantonments are the training centres of the Taliban,those institutions have to be bombed everytime

  4. Pakistan is not a monster, Pakistan is devil, Afghans didnt stay in pakistan they were in their own land which is up to Atteck River, Pashawer and the entire Khaibar pakhtonkhwa is the afghan land. Afghans never accepted the durin line and will never accept it. How can you say pakistan is innocent? it was pakistan who sheltered Osama the number one terrorist. It is Pakistan who keep Mula omer, it is pakistan who sends terrorist to india and Afghanistan. All taliban are in Pakistan. remember Pakistan is on thicking bomb, you have 4 big nighbors and u send terrorist to all of them, India, Afghanistan, Iran and China. Pakistan has indeed turned to source of terrorism. The Balooch freedome movement is not a terrorist movement, it is a holy war for freedom and the legitimit rights of Balooch people. It is not far that terrorist who are trained by pakistan to create problems for Afghanistan and india will turn their guns towards pakistan. It is not far away that Pakistans new clear weapons will be in the hand of Alqaeda and US will attack to safe the world from pakistani terrorists who has new clear bombs in their hands.

    1. So the Afghanistani’s are logical, sane, educated and lavish people? Hmm, we took an approximate amount of 5 million Afghanistani refugees at the time when USA detected terrorism in Afghanistan region. The 5 million established in FATA, Peshawar, Quetta, North Waziristan, Sindh and Abbotabad out of which some illegal ones ‘happen to’ become legal. We had about a Million of these offered property, jobs and areas for occupancy and some were not so lucky. Total left were far less than the amount that came – probably taking Pakistan nationality or marrying in with Pakistani families.

      So we do a favor for Afghanistan along with our way of tolerating what Afghanistan may spew and still you can’t buy an Afghanistani’s friendship? Why?

      You point fingers and say Pakistan, we don’t blame Afghanistan and instead tolerate it because Afghanistan is also a Muslim state and neighbor to Pakistan. We establish trade and encourage other nations to invest in Afghanistan but Afghanistan keeps blaming Pakistan.

      How much are we going to try to become friends with Afghanistan? Why the hell do we even try? You show love to the Afghani and they return with hate. Silly isn’t it? 

      Forget the costs of money that Pakistan and USA had to suffer, the point is a snake will never change it’s nature and the poison it spews may even become lethal at one point. It is time we send the Afghanistani people back from whence they came and create heavy security to keep Afganistan snakes from jumping in. 

      We made a mistake to accept Afghanistan’s weight on us – also made a mistake on letting snakes enter our homes so that they can repay us by attacking like the venomous snakes they are. We approached these people with good intentions in return the entire story is like this:

      – Afganistan blames Pakistan, but they don’t even know the fact that “Taliban is in Pashto” the word “Taliban is a Pashto word”. The terrorists are Afghanistani, even the groups we caught spoke Pashto dialect, had inconsistency in Urdu language. Furthermore, we did a mistake for letting some refugees enter, because some of them were terrorists and they’ve managed to hide in under-developed regions while populating it.

  5. This article and report is false.   Pakistan has no interest in conflict with Afghanistan.   People in Pakistan have very positive attitude toward afghanistan, and see this coutry as brotherly muslim country, but circumstances on this side of the border is different, and the brotherly feeling on this side of the border is not the same as in Pakistan, instead. Afghans keeps blaming Pakistan for its own failures.

    I wish therefore Pakistan send millions of Afghan migranst home to Afghanistan,  as Pakistan is Afghanistans enemy , what are then Afghans doing in Pakistan, else, set up a fence/wall all along the border with Afghanistan, so no cross border trafic can go between these to countries.

    As pakistanis dont travel to Afghanistan its will not affect life of Pakistanies.

    And if Pakistan need access to Central Asia, it could go via Iran or China.

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