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Taliban appoints acting minster of higher education as 200 university lecturers left Afghanistan

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As the universities are still closed across the country and more than 200 university lecturers have left Afghanistan, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan appointed Shaikh Abdulbaqi Haqani as acting minister of higher education on Saturday, August 28.

Meanwhile, the academic deputy minister, financial and administrative deputy minister, and students’ affairs deputy minister was also appointed in the ministry.

The new leadership held an introductory meeting with the former leadership of the ministry and thanked the latter along with all university lecturers for their services in the ministry of higher education.

The acting minister said that national and religious are two vital values and pledged to be working along with the previous leadership of the ministry of higher education.

The former minister of higher education Abbas Basir who was attending the meeting said that he is glad to be handing over the ministry to a team that is both eligible and committed to serve Afghanistan.

In the metropolis-Kabul- private and government schools and universities are still closed and the IEA has said that the institutions will be resumed gradually.

IEA had previously appointed acting ministers of education, public work, and information and culture.

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