The former member of the National Security Council Zubair Massoud has said the supporters of the Taliban and ISIS should be brought to justice while responding to the council’s reaction regarding the remarks he made during an interview.

“I will reiterate that ISIS and Taliban should be eliminated and all those who support these terrorists should be brought to justice,” Massoud said.

The Office of the National Security Council of Afghanistan reacted at the remarks of Zubair Massoud regarding the plans and activities of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group in Afghanistan.

A statement by the Office of the National Security Council said the remarks by Massoud are his own views and do not necessarily represent that of the Afghan government.

The statement further added that Mr. Massoud is no more having an official duty with the Office of the National Security Council, rejecting the designation given to him during an interview with the Al-Jazeera.

NSC emphasized that Mr. Massoud has worked as an adviser with the Office of the National Security Council from October 2014 until late December of 2016.

Massoud admitted that he has worked with the Office of the National Security Council until 21st December, insisting that the interview was filmed before he left the office.

 “I agree with ONSC statement regarding my departure from ONSC on 21, Dec 2016.However, the interview on Al-Jazeera was filmed prior to my departure,” he added.

In his interview with the Al-Jazeera, Massoud had said “The terrorists you see in Syria are the same individuals that are here now in Afghanistan. These are terrorists that come from different countries – from Tajikistan, from Uzbekistan, Chechnya.”

Massoud further added “It’s a strategic place. They could go across the border and finally their main goal is Russia.”


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