May 10, 2018

Taliban ambushed comrades joining peace proces, 5 killed

By Khaama Press - Thu Jan 01 2015, 10:43 am

Dostum 3

Taliban insurgent have attacked a convoy of their comrades who were on their way to announce allegiance with government in Northern Afghanistan.

Faqir Mohammad Jawzjani, police chief of northern Jawzjan province says five persons were killed and nine injured from both sides after a one hour clash between the groups.

He said that the Taliban group who were joining government was also supported by the security forces in the fight.

Jawzjan’s police chief says that the group has around 200 fighters under the command of Qari Niamatullah who Wednesday decided to lay down their guns against the government and come to the main city of Shebarghan on Tuesday to announce their decision.

Reports from the area indicate that close aides to Qari Niamatullah by the name of Qari Lutfullah, and a Taliban commander from the other side were among the ones killed.

The tragic incident took place in Toraghli area of Qosh Tapa district of Jawzjan.

This week it was the 2nd ambush that targets Taliban who switch from insurgency to join government in northern Jawzjan province.

Two days ago in a similar ambush another Taliban commander who had joined government was killed.

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