Faryab provinceAccording to local authorities in northern Faryab province of Afghanistan, Taliban militants abducted around 28 Afghan local police forces after attacking a number of security check posts in Ghormach district.

The officials further added, Taliban militants had abducted the Afghan local police officers from four security check posts on Tuesday evening.

In the meantime local tribal elders in Faryab province are saying that Taliban militants have abducted around 46 local police officers during the attack which continued for several hours however neither the Taliban militants nor Afghan security forces suffered any casualties.

Tribal elders also warned that Taliban militants have been deployed in various surrounding locations of Ghormach district after Afghan police and Afghan army were pulled out of the area.

In the meantime provincial governor Mohammadullah Batash confirmed the clashes and said that Afghan local police forces have pulled out of the area following the clashes.

He denied the reports regarding the abduction of Afghan local police forces by Taliban militants.

However he said that Karez-e-Deewana area is under the total control of the Taliban militants and efforts have been put in place to clear the area from the militants.


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