10799846_10152850185401944_2100048837_nLieutenant General Syed Jafar Naderi, the former provincial governor for northern Baghlan province of Afghanistan was appointed as security chief of the Vice-President office.

Belonging to an influential political and religious family, Mr. Naderi was promoted to Major and was appointed as the commander of 513th group in Doshi district of northern Baghlan province in 1984.

Mr. Naderi took command of the 80th brigade, 20th division of the Afghan army 6th Corps in northern Baghlan province in 1988.

He achieved the military rank of General in 1989 and was appointed as commander of the 80th division in Baghlan and provincial governor.

Mr. Naderi was promoted to Major General following the victory of Mujahideen in 1991 and was further promoted to Lieutenant General by former President Sebghatullah Mujadedi in 1992. He also took command of the Afghan army 6th Corps in northern Baghlan province during the same year.

He was invigted by former North Korean leader Kim II-Sung and given a honorary medal for achieving the General rank when he was only 23-year-old.


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