January 21, 2018

Sweden not to deport 5 Afghan teens after convicting them of gang rape

By Khaama Press - Sat Dec 31 2016, 9:31 am

A Swedish court has ruled out deportation of five Afghan teens after convicting them of gang rape of a fellow minor refugee, it has been reported.

The prosecutors have reportedly asked for the deportation of the five teens charged with the rape of their fellow refugee hailing from Afghanistan.

The district court in Uppsala, north of Stockholm awarded a one year and three months of detention to each of four convicts while the fifth convict was awarded a 13-month jail term.

They were convicted of forcing the victim, who was under age 15, into a forested area on the outskirts of Uppsala where they raped the individual at the end of October.

Part of the assault that included a beating was recorded on a mobile phone, according to EBL newspaper. The victim was also threatened with a knife.

The five were ordered to pay damages of 250,000 kronor (27,600 dollars) to the victim whose identity was shielded by the court.

According to the paper, the defendants had consumed alcohol and several said they were too drunk to remember the incident prior to the assault.

The court ruled that the deportation of the convicts was stopped considering the age of the defendants and the deteriorating security situation of Afghanistan.

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  1. Believe me, these “teens” from Afghanistan are NOT welcome i Sweden.

    90% behave like animals and sexually attack our women…
    A majority of swedish citizens would like to have them immediately deported back to Afghanistan…

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