A 22-year-old Afghan is confirmed to be the culprit of stabbing and injuring eight people in Sweden, the man had arrived in a Nordic country in 2018 media reported on Thursday.

The incident happened in the city of Vetlanda on Wednesday, Police told AFP that detail had emerged which led them to probe whether there was a terror motive behind the stabbings.

Swedish police are currently working with the country’s intelligence service Sapo to determine the cause and motive of the attack.

The security officials are investigation a possible “terror incident” following the stabbing of eight people by an Afghan man, and did not provide details on the victims.

Earlier police called the incident “attempted murder but later changed it to a “suspected terrorist” attack.

Police chief Malena Grann told reporters that “There are details in the investigation that have led us to investigate whether there was a terror motive,”.

The city inhabited by approximately 13,000 people was shocked to get the news of stabbings.

According to police, the man used a sharp knife but some sources say he had a brandished knife when the stabbings happened.

The man whose identification was undisclosed was shot in the legs and is admitted to a hospital, media reported.

Three of the eight injured victims have reportedly suffered life-threatening injuries, while two others are in serious condition, local health authorities reported.

Police indicated that the perpetrator is in a condition able to answer investigative questions, the suspect was a resident of the area and was previously accused of petty crimes and use of small-scale cannabis.
Stefan Lofven, Swedish Prime Minister condemned the “horrific violence” and added that Sweden faces “these despicable actions with the combined force of the community,”.

He also wrote on his Facebook page that “We are reminded of how frail our safe existence is,”.

Local media outlets reported that Swedish intelligence services indicated that the “terrorist threat” was high.

Sweden was also been targeted twice by such attacks, in April 2017, a radicalized Uzbek asylum seeker mowed down pedestrians with a stolen truck in which five people were killed and in December of 2010 a man carried a suicide attack, he himself was killed but passers-by were mildly injured in the incident.


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