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Suspended presidential advisor also eyed monopoly of gas distribution

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Khaama Press
Khaama Press
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New details have unfolded regarding the involvement of a top government official in a controversial agreement regarding the construction of a township in capital Kabul, involving a senior official of the former Kabul Bank.

Abdul Ali Mohammadi who has been suspended by President Ghani to serve as the legal presidential adivsor had a lead role in the conclusion of the agreement for the construction of the city – SMART CITY.

He repeatedly sent formal letters to the Ministry of Urban Development of Afghanistan, urging the ministry to grant license for the construction of the project.

However, what is more harrowing is the fact and circumstances surrounding the visit of the former top Kabul Bank official Khalillullah Ferozi to city from Bagram prison.

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has also instructed a delegation to find out on how Mr. Ferozi managed to visit the city and sign the contract while he was serving in the prison.

In the meantime, new facts have emerged regarding Mr. Mohammadi’s involvement in gripping control over the major state projects, including the distribution of gas to government institutions with the arrival of winter season.

According to a formal letter obtained by Khaama Press, Mr. Mohammadi had instructed the Ministry of Finance to force all government institutions to purchase gas from Gas Group.

In an apparent move to monopolize the distribution of gas to government institutions, Mr. Mohammadi stated in his letter that Gas Group has recently resumed its operations as per the agreement reached between Kabul Bank Clearance Department and hence the Ministry of Finance should notify all government institutions to sign agreement with Gas Group for the purchase of gas during the winter season.

Providing justification regarding his instructions to Ministry of Finance, Mr. Mohammadi said the revenue generated from the distribution of gas will flow to the account where funds related to debt holders of Kabul Bank are collected and the CEO of Gas Group Mr. Ferozi is among the debtors of the bank.

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